SpecialtyFormulations SynchroGlide, 8K miles, NV3550 (jeep)

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Aug 13, 2003
First column is SF and the second is RedLine MTL@9K miles I think I'm gonna go back to RedLine MTL. Should I worry about the high copper? Check out the Iron diff between SF & RL. ALUMINUM 2 / 1 CHROMIUM 1 / 0 IRON 46 / 25 COPPER 40 / 36 LEAD 8 / 12 TIN 0 / 0 MOLYBDENUM 3 / 5 NICKEL 0 / 0 MANGANESE 2 / 1 SILVER 0 / 0 TITANIUM 0 / 0 POTASSIUM 0 / 1 BORON 21 / 32 SILICON 17 / 18 SODIUM 5 / 5 CALCIUM 2949 / 3243 MAGNESIUM 46 / 78 PHOSPHORUS 1445 / 2684 ZINC 1451 / 3386 BARIUM 0 / 4 Blackstone comments: We thought copper may have been a little high last time, though it read at roughly the same level here, so we think it is likely a normal reading for this type of transmission and not a problem. Lead improved and all other wear still read in the normal range. The oil was still in pretty good shape physically. The viscosity was in the light 20W range and no water or excess insoluble material was present. Insolubles would be high for an automatic transmission, but not for a manual. We think this oil still has some life left. Check back in another 8,000 miles to monitor.
The SynchroGlide is thinner at 9.3 cSt (it starts out out a light 30 weight) whereas the the MTL is about 11 cSt, so you're kinda comparing two different viscosity MT lubes. BTW, our MTL-P and RL MTL have about the same viscosity. The copper reading Delta or difference is statistically insignificant. However, you are very wise to do the UOA's and look at trending and to make comparisons to see which fluid treats your tranny best.
I have no idea but the copper seems very high to me when i compare it to other tranny UAOs. Does anyone have any idea if this is an indication of something wrong?
Don't compare to other UOAs. Compare only to NV3550 UOAs, which like most transmissions, we need more. I would bet that some of the gears are copper infiltrated iron powdered metal parts. The wear could just be normal. Did you change out this fluid? SF MTL-P and Amsoil MTF are 2 you should try if future UOAs are planned for comparison.
Wrangler, have you tried Royal Purple MaxGear 75W90? I have had it in my 5spd since 10,000 miles and I am almost at 40,000 miles. I would love to see how it does in your transmission seeing how you already have a few UOA on that transmission. I plan on trying SF's products when I change my gear lube. Royal Purple has very impressive spec. sheet and should be great at reduceing wear. I suspect though that SF's product is going to give you the best shift feel though!
John, I have never tried RP. I really would like to stay in the recommended viscosity range (75W80). The only issue I had with SF was not the wear numbers but the viscosity really dropped off after 8K miles (49.0 SUS which I think translates to ~7.2cSt; it started as a 9.6cSt). RedLine held up a lot better in a slightly longer interval and the Fe was half of SF. Shifting was pretty much the same with both fluids. I would love to see a UOA from the Chrysler’s fluid. I only have a VOA for that.
Well whatever you do, DO NOT put MaxGear in there. I dont think 1cst is a big deal, But Maxgear is 21cst@ 100C - 144.5@40C. I hope we see more transmission UOAs in the future, but I doubt we will see too many.
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