spark plugs

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Nov 29, 2002
I replaced the plugs on my truck today. It's a good idea to check out the condition of them by reading the plugs. I don't remember which cylinder this came from but I can tell you they all looked similar to one another after I pulled them. I am not fully sure how to read plugs but maybe some of pros can take a gander. Thanks,,,,AR  -  -
Those are def. not coppers, look at that center electrode! Those look like AC/Delco to me. As for how they look, they look just fine given that photo.
They are Motorcraft plugs. So given the condition of the plugs, I would assume these are the original plugs. Same with the wires. My Dad said there weren't bad, just old. I probably could have run them alittle longer but the way the truck responded with the new wires and plugs, it was definetly worth it. Thanks for looking,,,AR
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