Spark Plug fit are the new plugs too long?

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Feb 15, 2005
I got some new spark plugs for my 2001 Saturn L100. They are Bosch Double Iridium 9617. Autozone, Orilly and Rock Auto says they will fix. I pull one of the old plugs and it is quite a bit shorter than the new plug. Do I have anything to worry about?????
Those are totally wrong. For one thing the new one is a taper seal and the originals are gasket seal. Not even close to being right. Do not attempt to install them. Now it is possible that the ones you removed are wrong for the engine, though I doubt that gasket seal plugs will fit at all in a taper hole.
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Don't use the new one. Maybe worse than the length difference, the new plug has a tapered seat while your old plug has a flat gasketed seat.
If I'm not missing something... according to rockauto 3.0 has the gasket type. 2.2 has the taper seat plug The bosch 4512 for the 3.0 and the bosch 4514 for the 2.2 Is it possible someone previously installed the wrong plugs?
Now, I'm wondering if I had the wrong plugs in there in the first place?? but they have been there for 75,000 miles???
If the new plugs are correct, be sure to use a thread chaser before installing the new longer ones. It's got to have some buildup on the threads.
Use NGK instead smile NGK #5581 or ACDelco 41-988 The ACDelco iridium is made by NGK, a reboxed Laser Iridium. The correct plugs for your car look like the new ones you got at Autozone, the longer thread. So it means the old ones were the wrong size smile
Also if you do try them, before trying to start, turn the engine by hand to be sure they don't crash.
Those are wrong plugs and I would steer clear of Bosch plugs, Wipers and O2 sensors. Use NGK instead.
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As was said, that is the right number according to my parts lookup. Make sure to clean those bottom threads as there will most likely be carbon buildup. If you don't have a thread chaser, get a bolt the same thread size and cut a couple vertical lines in it to make your own chaser.
Its errata, bad info. When I managed the inventory for the phone company, I encountered the problems . Parts have the wrong part number or description applied to them. BMW has a few for the 528e. most notably, the fuel pump relay and the water pump. You order the part and the numbers jibe, but the part won't fit.
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