Southwest airlines fooled me

Dec 7, 2003
Florida, Cape Coral
I fly SW from Florida to ILL once or twice a year, so when they offered a $200 off airfare with their new credit card, I jumped for it. The card came today, and I was prepared to get my tick after I activated the card. I glanced through the paperwork and then looked at a page that showed other financial stuff and near the middle of the page I see a FEE of $69 per year. NO where in the advertisement was there any mention of a fee. One has to be very careful of even large corporations these days.
You're still $131 ahead. I just signed up for the Amex Platinum and the fee is $699/year but the benefits are worth it.
I charge almost everything to my Caesars Rewards credit card. With casino reward credits and waived resort fees in Vegas, we save about $600 per year and there's no annual fee.
So buy your ticket, pay it off, and kill the card before the annual fee hits. I've done that with an American Airlines Citi card a couple of times.
But you do receive 3,000 points on your anniversary, worth about $42. That offsets over half the annual fee.
What benefits? I have a Capital One Spark VISA and they SEND me about $699/year to use it.

Access to the Centurion Club, Priority pass. $15/mo Uber credit. Credit each month for Sirius and NYT. Used all in the last few days. Oh, and a worthless membership to Walmart+ that I can't figure out why anyone would want it.
Here's the specifics: They put the annual fee right there on the page in plain sight. Note also that even the base card (Plus) gets you two free Early Board check-ins per year which is like another $50 in perks. Plus the 3000 annual bonus points that was mentioned earlier.

You also get 40,000 free points if you spend $1000+ within the first three months. You could do the math and figure out how many years of $69 fees that is equal to.

I dont pay fees for any credit card. I make 2 to 5% cash back on everything I buy.
Last year we added 4 new credit cards and paid us a total of $800 for signing up less than one year ago, no fees.
I have over $1000 of other cash back from last year on my other older cards sitting, waiting for me to spend or cash in.
In-between I used a little bit of it to buy treats for myself.

Now that I collected $400 from 2 new cards I will cancel two 1 existing and 1 of the new ones.
My wife had the other 2 cards with another $400 but she will keep those.

We just keep the best cash back cards and get rid of the rest plus keep one or two long term ones to show long term credit worthiness.
We are near the point that every time we eat in a restaurant we now get 5% all the time. Groceries 3% all the time, right now for 3 months 5% on all gasoline and never ever less than 2% on anything else.
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I joined a Frontier Airline kids fly free club for “free” and we flew a family of 5 to Florida from Portsmouth NH direct/round trip for $262 a few years back. Unfortunately we did not catch the $69 fee/year since 2020 so…. Happens to us all. They were kind enough to refund the 2022 charge at least.