Source claims coolant leak caused Volt fires

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Jun 24, 2004
Top of Virginia
The liquid solution that cools the Chevrolet Volt's batteries is the likely cause of fires that broke out inside the electric car after government crash tests, a person briefed on the matter said.
FoxNews article
Sounds like it still could have been avoided by a controlled discharge of the battery pack. Maybe they ought to design in a self discharge mechanism when a disabling crash is detected, so as not to have to depend on third parties following protocols they may not know about. edit: The Volt is one of the few new cars that interests me.
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Yeah, you wouldn't leave a car upside down for 7-21 days with a leak in the gas tank, then wonder why it's on fire. The media is out to get this car.
Just curious, has the Nissan Leaf had any problems? Big battery pack in that one as well. Hybrid cars with battery packs large enough to run multiKW motors have been around for some time now,and they all have a potential I2R problem if shorted. Not many Volts are on the road yet. Perhaps it is a more common problem than we are being made aware of but the Volt is getting the spotlight.
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it's really not a big deal. i doubt the car would catch fire right after an accident. GM said the fires are caused by the coolant crystallizing and creating an electrical short. it seems to me like that would take some time to occur. but anyway GM will be fixing all the volts by bolstering the battery packs and making the cars more resistant to side impact crashes at a cost of $1 per vehicle.
Its still beta technology for GM. The news media has only made a better product and is keeping beancounters, public image dept, and engineers on their toes.
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