Sonata 2.4L AFE 0W-20 4812 miles, not 5W-20

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Apr 4, 2012
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*Not my vehicle* The Owner's Manual recommends 5W-20. For anyone concerned with how well a 0W-20 will hold up vs the 5W-20.... no need to worry.
That’s a dandy looking report. The engine is still shedding off Silicon from the sealants even at that mileage. The M1 AFE would be a great oil for that application.
Those numbers do look good. I’m not a convert to 0Wxx oils and may never be. It appears 5,000 miles OCI is the sweet spot for the Theta II engine. I will continue my 5,000 mile schedule.
Thank you so much for sharing this. I bought a 2017 in July with the 2.4 and GDI fuel dilution concerns have made me run an 0w30. But this report makes me feel much better about going back down to a 20 weight.
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Why only 4800 miles?
Maybe short tripping? I plan to change ours at 5k intervals as well because of a lot of short trips and that’s my estimated mileage annually.
In only 4800 miles, it sheared down about one cSt kv100. Not bad, considering there could have been slight fuel dilution helping that number go down. Boron and moly are too high for Mobil1 AFE 0w20. Wondering if it really was M1 AFE (?) Or, somebody put a bit if Ceratec in there.
in your warm area a 10-30 would be a better stronger choice IMO. i do fine with a fake synthetic here in Pa, Mobil I extended service for my 08 2.9 port injected colorado + girlfriends 2013 DI 2.5L Malibu, yearly changes with new filer @ 6 months!!
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