Something new to Discuss - Roshfrans synthetic

Didn't know if this if the right category for this one, but here it goes. I asked one of the local CHAMP Car teams and engine builders, here in Michigan what oil they used. (, run by Paul Gentilozzi). They told me they used Roshfrans. I was left with a blank look on my face. The name did not register with me. Upon getting home and googling (and translating from Spanish), I saw a 100% synthetic, among other oils, which caught my eye; Roshfrans 5W30. ACEA A3, GF3, API SL cst 40* - 57.16 cst 100* - 10.10 Flash Pt - 452F Pour PT - -38F Base# - 6.5 I thought it was interesting to have an ACEA A3 oil with such a low [email protected] 100* - 10.10. Can this be right? I know 240 mph CHAMP Cars need a low viscosity, but robust oil for maximum horsepower and durability. Anyone else familiar with this Mexican based oil? More importantly, would you put this in your street motor? Don't ask me the cost, I'm afraid to ask. I did the heavy lifting - let someone else find this out, as well as where to buy. I have both GC (Green) and Mobil 1Racing 0W30 to use up, before I even think about something else.