Someone Enlighten Me About Moly

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Sep 12, 2004
Sin City, Las Vegas, NV
Someone give me the basics on Moly...i understand it reduces friction/friction that a true statement?

I noticed that GC has no moly, is that a benefit?

At what point is there "enough" moly. For example, i understand M1 V-Twin oil has recently been reformulated, went from like 50-75 parts Moly to like that really a big deal, or a case of having "enough" at 50-75, but now has "more than enough at 100?

sin city
I think that Moly is primarily used as an anti-oxidant, although higher doses of moly work as a friction modifier and as an EP/AW add. Moly is not the only additive that does these things. Some oils use other adds to accomplish the same goals.......some of the other adds do not show up on most UOA's.
One thing about moly is that it can actually increase friction when in the presence of other FMs. Word of caution for DIY blenders, either avoid moly or use exclusively oils that have it.
Will oils with higher doses of moly be more likely to cause sludge buld up,if left in a long time, than oils with less or no moly?
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