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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
I do almost all of my normal non-boil/steam cooking on cast iron. I like to use olive oil wth what I cook, but was unsure how good it ws to cook with, as some oils turn toxic under high heat.

Additionally I made potato pancakes yesterday and fried them in 1/8" of olie oil... instead of vegetable oil which the recipe ordered. And wasnt sure if I had made the best decision.

So the link is here:

Hormel Foods Olive Oil Site

egular olive oil can be had with a smoke point as high as 413F, with no chenge in healthful properties... Not too bad. I guess I dont need to buy vegetable oil for cooking after all... Only ne bottle of oil for me!

With the exception of a little butter, olive oil is about the only oil that we use for cooking(occasionally peanut oil for deep frying, but not in the last 3 years). We add some flax-seed to sauces and mashed potatoes etc.

We have mid to top range olive oil in a bottle for stir fries and cooking.

A spray can is great for oiling pans and making potato wedges.
I dont fry stuff (other than pan frying shrimp and potato pancakes in 1/8" of oil) typically, so no need for me to buy vegitable or peanut oil... Be careful with flax oil - keep it cool and do not let it heat up with the foods youre eating - it becomes toxic at relatively low temperatures!

Hormel has great info on all kinds of stuff, someone deserves an award for the thorough nature of their site.

I stick with olive oil, butter, (rendered) leaf lard and (rendered) beef kidney suet. All work exceptionally well in cast iron. The tallow gives much the best pan seasoning I've found (and is the key to making great chili, too).

Originally posted by JHZR2:
Be careful with flax oil - keep it cool and do not let it heat up with the foods youre eating - it becomes toxic at relatively low temperatures!

YEp, it stays in the fridge, and is whipped through mashed potato just before serving, or made into salad dressing.
Australia exports Olive oil to Spain, Greece, Italy and well everywhere really. We realised we have the equivalent growing conditions and better cleanliness/expertise etc.
Olive oil is all I will use to wipe the barbie grill for low/moderate temp cooking. I season my cast iron with olive oil. The best general purpose oil there is, plus EVOO is the best tasting oil. And it's a great value.

Sprintman - is there a thread where you don't boast about Australia? You are overproud, my friend.

Haven't seen any Aussie olive here, but if it's as bad as your export wines you can keep it. I think a few folks in California and Italy may have a thing or two on Australia in the olive oil department.

PS I can I have some proof on the claim of exporting to Spain, Italy, etc...with volume?
We export good and bad wine. The biggest seller in the U.S is one of our shockers, I readily admit to that. A lot of the olive growers are immigrants. I'll find some olive oil info. We even grow them here in semi alpine ACT. I like the way the oils are like wines, each has a specific flavour. Yes olive growing is huge in Oz and still growng and many are organic orchards.
Pablo as usual you have totally missed the point. We are not after the bulk business but the supreme top end business. That's why the U.S and Greece, Spain, Italy etc want our superior oils. You seem to have a hard time geting your head around what Australia is about. Quality, quality, quality. Cars, food, oils, you name it. Do your research please as you are becoming increasingly embarassing to the the U.S. Cheers..s
The local (Sierra Foothills) organic Apollo olive oil was named one of the ten best olive oils in the world.
This is the oil and the world's best Italian chef. We watch Giorgio Locatelli and Tony Allen every Saturday on Saturday Kitchen cooking show. Just the best. G0d I love cooking shows as does my wife. Soooo relaxing
I guess maybe I did miss the point. Everything "Aussie" in the USA is like you sprintman - phony, phony, phony.....I can't think of one thing from Australia that didn't taste like either it was made to fool us or like **** or crap. From ancient dry oranges, to weird chemical meat pies, to inferior urine wines, to beers and cheeses made in the hot sun everything - Aussie food here simply gives you a bad name. Overpriced, too. Trying to come off as extraordinary and tasting below ordinary.
Strange that Americans here talk about nothing but the food/wine. Nelson Aspen Hollywood reporter interviewing Kevin Spacey and the cast of Superman Returns last week here and all they wanted to talk about was the food scene. Guess as your stuck in the backwoods of Washington and I'm living in the capital you won't get access to the good stuff. Shame really.
Kevin Spacey always comes across as a man displaying very good manners and proper decorum. I have yet to see him gloat, brag, or put down others publicly. As a person, especially as one of international fame, he makes an excellent ambassador for The United States of America.
Exactly. He's currently Artistic Director of The Old Vic Theatre in London and has lived here for some years. Took seven weeks off from his part in the Philadelphia Story for his Superman role.
Tansedan, we are a third world country, propped up by being the quarry for a large part of the world.

When we run out of stuff to dig up, we're in trouble.
Good post. Yes with a small domestic market we are a trading country because we have to be. That's why we export Sake and noodles to Japan, pasta to Italy etc. US$13.228.4bn exports to U.S this year up a lot from last year. Meat, alcohol, cars etc. Americans want our stuff in ever growing quantities.
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