Sold two of my five trailers- both sold in under one day at full price


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
I am being transferred to Columbia, SC from Salt Lake City. Under huge time crunch as my work is not allowing me time (vacation/ leave) to move my stuff. The distance is about 2200 miles one way.

I have five trailers, which I typically use all of them to move.
20 foot enclosed gooseneck
20 foot enclosed bumper pull
18 foot open car hauler bumper pull
6 x 12 foot aluminum open utility trailer bumper pull
5 x 8 foot steel open utility trailer bumper pull

I use all the above trailers for different needs. Decided to sell the 6 X 12 open utility and the 5 x 8 steel utility. I bought both trailers new. the 6 x 12 was 18 months old, the 5 x 8 was five years old. I listed the 5x 8 for $300 more than I paid for it, the 6 X 12 for $200 less than I paid for it.

Both trailers sold the day I listed them on the local on-line ad system. I could not believe it. I know SLC people have super deep pockets, especially the transplants from California- but I am in shock they sold full price, and same day. I have to say I was a unmotivated Seller, and was not going to sell for less than the price I listed on-line and stated so in the ad.

I do want these trailers and will rebuy new replacements after I arrive in South Carolina. I will not be in a hurry though...

Just in dismay of the used market for trailers right now.
I bought a brand new 6x12 enclosed trailer last summer. They had three in stock when they opened their doors that saturday morning. I bought the last one 45 minutes after they opened. I only bought a new one because people were asking more for used trailers than a new one cost. Its insane what happens to the used market when you give people free money.
When you took the job, were you aware of a possible relocation?

I don’t think I could ever be committed to an employer this way. Dropping my livelihood without any extra time is a lot to ask especially when there’s available work everywhere.

Hopefully you were at least renting and/ or not attached to your previous home. (I’m assuming you weren’t living in say an apartment or condo since you had 5 trailers. Lol.)

Hopefully you don’t need the trailers anytime soon. There aren’t any decent ones available here. Dad wants to sell his 6.5x12’ aluminum for a mini aluminum 2 axle open car hauler. I told him if he wants to sell it, sell it to me because I use it more than him now. What he wants isn’t out there.
Sorry, I did a bad job with this thread. Was pointing out the crazy prices for used trailers- not the challenges on the move.

My employer does pay for my move, and is very generous. We are just short handed at work so ethically I feel bad leaving required actions for my incoming replacement- that is why I sold two of my five trailers, don't want to take the full time allotted to me for the move.

Heck, I may sell one of two more...... I took advantage of this long weekend to bring another trailer to South Carolina. This is the 22 long, eight wide, seven high. Loaded was about 7300 lbs.

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The demand for used items is probably the greatest it's ever been and prices are nuts.

If you want to unload something that you hardly use it, now's the time to do it. I sold some exercise equipment for more than I paid for it last year. Any other time I'd be lucky to get 15-20 cents on the dollar for the same stuff.
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