So who is running an xw-20 in an older vehicle?

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Nov 13, 2002
I was curious to know who has tried running a xw-20 in a car that specified 5w-30. I read a UOA of someone who did it their miata and a civic. If an engine does not exhibit symptoms of blowby, compression loss, and oil consumption, then how much of a bad idea would it be for someone to consider using the lighter weight oil? Would changing to a lighter oil viscosity increase the chances of such symptoms as listed above? I wonder if these new xw-20 oils being as shear stable as they appear from UOA's have adequate film strength comparable to their xw-30 counterpart? I expect most cars sold in the United States within the next ten years to specify these 20wt oils. Someday there may be a 0w-10, who knows. [ March 08, 2004, 06:52 AM: Message edited by: HondaRD ]
That was a cool video! Those kids were pretty funny! That is something I would have done when I was a kid! Looks like it lasted about 7 minutes at 9,000rpm and then blew and cought on fire!. Is that good? How long would a piston engine last at redline?
My '99 F150 orignally specified 5w30 oil for its 4.6l V8. In 2001, Ford switched the requirement to 5w20 and back recommended the use of 5w20 in the 4.6l V8 back to the inception of the motor in the 90 or 91. I ran my truck to 85,000 miles on 5w30, then switched to 5w20. See my UOA's if there are questions... Short story is no change in consumption and wear is AOK.
I'm trying Pennzoil 5w20 in my Olds van, which has right at 145,000 miles on it. The oil has been in there for a little over 2000 miles and it's still right on the full mark on the dipstick so consumption seems to be a non-issue in my engine.
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