So What is the Composition of Mobil1 S.S. These Days ?

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Aug 4, 2002
Ontario , Canada
I remember hearing that Mobil1 went the route of cheaper basestocks, not quite as bad as Castrol Syntec, but down from a full PAO formula. Just what kind of formular are they running now, they are still a full synthetic, but what changes did it undergo ?. Also it seems pretty clear that the new supersyn formula is working a good bit better than their previous formula, any idea of how they modified the new supersyn formula ?. I know they added a dose of moly to the additive package, anything else that stands out ?. Any info would be helpful. thanks.
I've never heard that they're using cheaper base oils. It's still a PAO/ester synthetic with a healthy dose of ExxonMobil's proprietary SuperSyn PAO. SuperSyn PAO is very high viscosity and probably accounts for the new Mobil 1 grades all having higher pour points than the previous Tri-Syn formula.
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