So ProtonVPN now has a linux desktop app.

Jul 26, 2004
New Bri-en, CT
For anyone interested, protonVPN has a desktop app that looks like the Windows one.

Prior to this, one had to use the VPN function built into network manager or use the command line.

I can easily use the command line one, but the desktop app allows toggling of important additional functions with button pushes and also allows a connection "to the closest server," something that is handy because any additions or subtractions of servers don't need to be downloaded (you would need to do that with the CLI version) GUI version reports load on the VPN server and whether you are using the "secure core" option (passes your traffic around their internal .eu based core for additional obfuscation)

Will be appending this thread after a few weeks of use; I regularly attach to NYC based servers; probably some good bandwidth into that area lol.
I was using the CLI client for quite a while before the GUI was installed to my surprise. I have no familiarity with the Window or Mac versions of this application but the CLI and GUI in Ubuntu and Fedora have performed flawlessly.

FWIW the CLI version can also connect non-interactively to, for example, the "best" US server with these flags:
protonvpn-cli c --cc US