So my driveway got defaced

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Aug 30, 2004
I sent to this a friend yesterday:


On a side note, my driveway was defaced yesterday. Sometime during the day, between 7:00am and 1:00pm, someone decided to put some artwork on the driveway. It showed a picture of a frog (labeled as such) eating a fly, along with a "we're invincible" statement. Then, there was also a drawing of a star, as well as a statement of "we're #1" in Japanese contained inside a circle of happy faces.

All of this was done in chalk, so it was easily removable. At first, I thought it was someone from Didion, but the quality of the artwork was well beyond the level of a fifth grader. The writing was clearly female as well. Something to think about; I'm still not sure who did it, and why I was chosen.

What the heck was my first response to seeing the artwork.

Come on Michael, you know

I know, but I don't own a camera. I have some pictures on my neighbor's camera, but sorry, it's more trouble than its worth.
Off Topic.

MarkC... I see your an Uncle Neil fan.......

One of my favorite lines too... Hence my marrital status
There are very few threads that I simply do not understand.

Chalked your driveway? The neighborhood 6 yo vigilantes went wild on you? What did you do to pea them off? Sucks to be you! You're dead sucka!!
Jeez, don't turn my driveway defacement thread into a post whore thread.

At first, I thought it was the fifth graders from my sister's school. However, the artwork and neatness of the handwriting were well beyond any fifth grader. Besides, would a fifth grader know what invincible meant?
chalking someones driveway isnt defacing property. thats just someone messing around.
if they did it in rust oleum spray paint, then thats another story.
Did someone get called a "post whore"? Goodness gracious.

My third grader knows what invincible means. Why can't you accept the fact that it's probably some rival high school girlies, yet these chicks dig you? In a Freudian way, of course.

Or maybe they got the wrong house!!
Don't get me started on chalked driveways. The little girls whom I share the driveways with do this all the time.

The old divorcee, who also shares the drivway goes postal. I despise people who will deny children any small amount of fun.

I'm hoping these girls will be drawing a chalk outline, of this woman's body, in the driveway in the near future.
It's only car along with everyone else's parked on the street gets egged about once every couple of months. I have a security camera mounted in my windshield for the next time. If I can get a plate number, someone's gonna get a piece of my mind. The police won't do anything.
Speaking of eggings - had that happen several times on our front door while we were all at home. The last time they did it I was ready - ran full speed after them. Group of teenagers. Unfortuantely for them I saw which house they went into down the street. Knocked on a neighbor cop's door and we had a talk with the parents.
The day after the kids showed up saying sorry.

If I had someone chalk my driveway I would have thought it to be amusing.
Would have definitely taken pictures... Then taken the hose and washed it off when I felt like it. lol.

LOL @ Groucho's post!!!
I agree with you bout the woman.
Critic, how could you tell the writing was clearly female? Maybe there's a future for you in the police anti-graffiti department or some other hand-writing analysis occupation?

Critic, how could you tell the writing was clearly female? Maybe there's a future for you in the police anti-graffiti department or some other hand-writing analysis occupation?

It is quite easy to spot out "girly" handwriting.

Anyways, they did it again this morning. Upon some further research, a few other classmates whom lived close to me had experienced the same "artwork" as well. I later found that it was a girl I barely know. Her friend once gave me a ride home, which was hold she got a hold of my address. As for her intent behind the artwork, I have no clue.
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