So I'm not exactly creeped out, but...

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Jun 2, 2003
1996 Audi A4 Quattro 2.8 V6 12 valver with ca 143k miles on the clock.

I've begun to wonder whether or not to dump my current fill of M1 5W-40 prematurely at about 5k miles. It appears that my regular doses of LC20 have lead to some type of cleaning process that is darkening the oil more than I've ever encountered. Last time I went 8k miles with M1 5W-40, but then I didn't use LC20. The UOA was good. I'll have a UOA of the current fill done either way, but would like to hear what you fellas think. Should I run this oil despite its looks to 8k miles, or should I dump it preemptively and prematurely?

My next fill will be RL 5W-40.
I'd do a blotter test. If the results freaked me out, then I'd change the oil & pay very close attention to the UOA. If the blotter test looked good, I'd run it for 10k & not worry with UOA.
Do the blotter test as wayne suggests. Your reptile brain won't accept the results ..but it's like the old "boil some water" thing that all the old country doctors told the expectant fathers to do in the movies. They didn't need the water just gave the father some place to dump his anxiety.

After you've done that ..then just send in a UOA without dumping the oil. Get the cheap one ..and just look at the visc/flash point/insolubles ..etc.

Then you'll know that going to 10k is just fine and you'll sleep much better.

..but..just like the penguins that know that the orca is in the surround waters ....the urge to dive in eventually becomes irrestistable lemmings they march off the safety of the floe ..'ll swap it out anyway..
Well, it's your car -- feed the reptile if you must. On the other just consider where our society would be if we let the reptilian side carry the day. I'll just stop now and not go there, so as to keep this on topic. . .
With M1 and Lube control, 10k is a piece of cake but I understand your concerns. I say keep going maybe till 8k then pull another sample since your last UOA report was good at 8k.
I've had TSUV in '05 Subie Legacy GT (turbo) for about 4,000 miles this date, and its looking on the dark side. About 16k miles on the odo.

But not "black". The detergents might be loosening up some previously dormant coal dust deposits in there~!
How do you know it didn't do anything, like removing and suspending carbon, Pablo? I mean, LC is clear and turns the oil dark, so something's going on, which likely is cleaning of some sort. Subjectively, I like LC. It seems to work as a UCL like MMO. A UOA may give more clues.
That's just it Mori. Engine clean, LC still goes dark. I posted on this last year or so. Didn't seem to buy ME much in the UOA dept, that's all.

I really want more objective evidence on LC.
I still want objective evidence on ARX. That stuff didn't do anything visible to my engine or oil. I hope my UOA will be telling.
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