So do I look any different ?

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Didn't know that a new PC would do that, but thanks...makes the purchase a little more palatable.
I grew a little when I set up my new Mac a few months ago. Or maybe my head got bigger.

What shiny, new computer did you buy? Let's hear some details!
My old machine was commissioned a week over 5 years ago.

Lately, the hard drive got noisy...bought a DVD burner and a new hard drive.

Other week, the thing wouldn't it running, and put the new hard ddrive in...worked OK.

Thursday, while my girl was playing Frogger, it went "Beep Beep Beep", and tried to reboot...never even got to Bios.

So went to a local new company, a few young couples started a business assembling PCs and things.

It's an AMD thing, 3GHz or something like that.
Judging by your description I'd say you are just about as a big a computer nerd as me.
Congrats on the new purchase.

My old Mac, which still hangs in there as a backup, is 6 1/2 years old! I also had to change the hard drive in it a few months ago.
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