Snap On F936 3/8 in. ratchet purchase at pawn shop

Dec 10, 2014
Bought a Snap On F936 3/8 in. ratchet handle in very good cond. for $5.00 yesterday. It has an inventory/ownership number crudely electric pencil engraved on the handle, but otherwise looks really good. Have not disassembled it to check internals, but it seems to work okay. This one is of the date range that has pat. nos. 4934220 and 6125722 on it. This is my first Snap On tool. A look on Ebay shows several used Snap On ratchets of this part no. for sale for considerably more than the price I paid (~ $50.00 plus). Has anyone else recently found a high end tool such as this at a pawn shop for a really good price?
While biking in the neighborhood several years ago, I found a Craftsman ratchet 3/8 in middle of the street. It's been ran over by several vehicles and it still worked OK to this date. Now, I have 2 ratchets size 3/8 in my tool box.
It's far less practical than your find but I got this 1-15/16" 12pt crowfoot flare for $5. It's presently $125 on SnapOn's site
I got you all beat-a roughly 10 inch electrician’s screwdriver… Found on the side of the road! Goes well with the hot pink ratcheting magnetic screwdriver I got 25+ years ago with my first company van-previous tech left it in there when he got fired!