Smokey muscle car burnouts at my BIL's funeral

Aug 17, 2016
My Brother in law, who besides being an all around great guy, was a talented mechanic. During the winter when he wasn't farming he built many engines for the hot rodding and muscle car community. He worked out of his fully equipped shop on his farm, and did the rebuilds on his '69 Boss 302 Mustang and '70 Torino GT 429. Approximately 2 dozen muscle cars and street rods were in attendance at the funeral last weekend. As a tribute to him, after the Catholic funeral mass, many of them took turns doing smokey burnouts in front of the church. My sister was all smiles, she said he would have loved that. It was a bit of fun on an otherwise very sad day.
These two are the twins of his Boss 302

and Torino GT 429

I never did get photos of them myself, I only saw them in a garage which had poor lighting.
He restored them both, took several years for each. Did all the mechanical himself, had others do the bodywork and interiors. The Mustang wasn't in too bad condition, just tired and needing restoration. The Torino was rough, rusty and missing parts, but sure looks good now.