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Aug 7, 2004
I am currently driving a 99 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L 4cyl. My engine only takes 4 quarts and I have been running mobil 1 with a k&n filter, mobil 1, or Napa Gold (which even one I have at the time) filter and was wondering if I should change my oil more than the every 4-5k that I have been since I only have 4 quarts circulating through my engine. Would less oil mean that it will get dirtier that lets say a Jeep with the 4.0 engine and 6 quarts of oil in it?
[Welcome!] I'm thinking that you're probably OK doing what you're doing, unless your engine is unduly worn or you're operating in extremely dirty conditions. Why don't you wait until the end of your present oil change interval (OCI) and suck out a sample and have it analyzed. It's only about $25-35, depending on who does it and what options you select. That will give you a direct look at what your own vehicle is doing, allowing you to place less reliance upon other folks' opinions about what you should do. Check out the UOA (used oil analysis) section of this forum to see how much you can learn. Done in moderation, UOAs can be a tremendously valuable tool for guaging the condition of your engine.
I think you're doing fine with "only" 4 quarts. If theory follows a 5.0 would need 8 quarts. I've never owned a 5.0, but I can't imagine doing a 8 quart oil change. [Cheers!] A UOA wouldn't hurt.
Used Oil Analysis. Order a free sampling kit from Blackstone or other UOA lab. (Blackstone advertises on this site.) Catch a sample in a clean container midway through drain and mail it to Blackstone. The cost of the analysis is $20.00 ($30.00 if you specify a "TBN" - total base number - a measure of remaining additive in the submitted sample. Probably more valuable for people who adhere to extended drain intervals, but your choice.) They'll call and/or email within several days with the results and follow up with a snail-mail hard copy, too. [ August 09, 2004, 02:06 PM: Message edited by: Ray H ]
I have seen that some people are using Delvac 5w40 for their 4.0 jeeps where do you buy delvac and would that be better for my 2.5L wrangler with 34,000 miles? Would it help my Jeep to use some Auto RX even though I have used synthetic oil since it had 15,000 miles?
Some claim that the Mobil1 5w40 truck/suv is Delvac1. Check the autopart stores. Another oil to try is rotella 5w40 synthetic from wallyworld for ~$13 a gallon jug. An, if there is room, a longer oil filter can be used. What is the PN for the filter that you are using? Concerning additives, since you've been using a synthetic with an excellent change interval, I don't see the need for any. But, that choice is yours to make.
I am currently using the Napa Gold 1085. Is there a longer filter that will fit?
Originally posted by goldfinger: I think you're doing fine with "only" 4 quarts. If theory follows a 5.0 would need 8 quarts. I've never owned a 5.0, but I can't imagine doing a 8 quart oil change. [Cheers!]
The 1990-1995 Corvette ZR1's LT5 engine took about 12 quarts of oil! Many European cars take that much too, such as many Jaguar's and a lot of the exotic cars too. My 98 Corvette is listed with a 6.5 quart capacity, but I put in 6.5 liters, which is 6.86 quarts. [Smile]
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