Small oil filer-Toyota Solara

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Dec 15, 2005
Ormond Beach,FL
I just had my first oil change on a 4 cylinder solara. I couldn't believe how small the oil filter is ( 2.6 in. dia. and 3.4 in length). I honestly don't see how something this small (slightly bigger than an espresso cup) can filter for 5000 miles. Any input?
Hi, I've got a Corolla which uses the small filter also and no problems. They filter and flow excellent and protect your engine just fine. The UOAs I've run (many) show they do the job. Take care, Bill [Coffee]
packaging is a big driver of the size of under hood componants. check the weight of a new one(filled) with a used one ,its doing its job,but all else equal the bigger the better
With all the micro-digital space clearance technology today, filtering size is not as imnportant as the older days -- as long as you keep your engine gunk/crud-free. Alot of folks here have gone to filter changes every 2nd OCI. A perfect example of filter non-importance is seeing all the junk basic Frams used as the sole filter brand in vehicles with over 300K.
Chop one open along with a larger one of the same brand. May be surprised how much media is packed in the little one. The newer designs could use better media too.
My 2005 Honda CR-C comes with a "thimble-sized" filter as well. And Honda says to go 20,000 miles on it! I just can't get myself to do that. And I dearly wish all these small imports would hang the filter straight up and down in front of the block, not sideways, squeezed between the engine, the firewall, and Heaven only knows what else to make a neat clean removal nearly impossible. They could all take a lesson from the Audi 5000 we owned a number of years ago. Filter was nice and large, at the very front of the engine block. Oh well... I guess we shouldn't expect good mileage AND logical packaging. Glen
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