small amount of oil in gas tank

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Nov 30, 2002
What would happen if a tiny amount of power steering fluid, brake fluid, or oil got in the gas tank? Im talking like, .2 ounces here...
The gas additives StaBil Gasoline Stabilizer (for storage) is 95% mineral oil, and CD2 Alemite Oil Detergent is 100% mineral oil, these simply being lighter weight cousins to motor oil. Power steering fluid is a light mineral oil as well. Brake fluid is glycol based, and off the top of my head I'm not sure of the chemistry goin' on, but your engine would still yawn about it nonetheless...pretty much a non-event. [ January 20, 2004, 07:47 AM: Message edited by: TC ]
Note that some folks (like farmers in my county), put alittle (100 to 1) two-stroke oil in all of their 4-stroke equipment, tractors and cars/trucks. I do the same in my mowers, power equipment and even in my MC. I know in my mowers (old L-head design), cleaning the cylinder heads are very easy, even after 250 hours. So, I'm a believer. Sign me up. No problems with alittle "oil" in the gas!
thx guys. I just found a lucas fuel treatment in the gallon size, 20 dollars, treats 400 gallons, and im going to used a turkey baster i used for PS fluid change, brake fluid, etc. I cleaned it out thoroughly but I think there is still some residue, I wont even worry about it now.... thx guys
Maybe he was really, really low on cash and trying to make it to work on payday? Just kinda' dump any auto fluid from the trunk into your tank. Heh. I remember being that broke, although I never *DID* that. Makes me think of the time I nearly emptied my used motor oil into my '78 Benz's diesel fuel tank. Wonder how that woulda' turned out...
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