Sludge Prone vehicles list

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Nov 25, 2003
I was thinking about compiling a list of sludge prone vehicles. Here's the start of the list. Please feel free to add. And if possible cite your source so that this doesn't become a hearsay thread. Camry 4 cyl. Produced 8/96 - 7/01 Camry 6 cyl. Produced 8/96 - 7/01 Solara 4 cyl. Produced 6/98 - 5/01 Solara 6 cyl. Produced 6/98 - 5/01 Sienna 6 cyl. Produced 7/97 - 5/01 Avalon 6 cyl. Produced 7/96 - 5/01 Celica 4 cyl. Produced 8/96 - 4/99 Highlander 6 cyl. Produced 11/00 - 7/01
SamMan23, I heard of some possible sludge problems concerning the Dodge Dakota. I don't know if there were any actual problems involving this vehicle but that is what some people reported. Other then that, the only stuff I have heard about sludging involved some Toyota vehicles (cars and vans), older vehicles, abused vehicles, and some claims of sludging caused by some brands of motor oil. There may possibly have been some problems with certain brands a long time ago, but my personal opinion is that mechanics came to the wrong conclusions about some brands of oil just because those brands were very commonplace and so many people used those brands that the mechanics were bound to see problems with some vehicles that those brands had been used in. Read about the 2.7 six and the 4.7 eight cyl. engines having potential sludge problems. Some people on that board recommend using synthetic oil and changing every 5,000 miles. Makes sense to me, although my wife's Durango 4.7 holds 6 quarts so synthetic gets real expensive. I use Havoline 10W-30 and change every 3,000 miles. I figure 10W would be less likely to form sludge than 5W oil. [Cheers!]
Mercedes-Benz '98-'01 comes to mind. MB lost a class-action lawsuit from their owners due to sludging engines.
Originally posted by Audi Junkie: Mercedes-Benz '98-'01 comes to mind. MB lost a class-action lawsuit from their owners due to sludging engines.
I believe that one related to the change interval specified and no specific language pertaining to using a synthetic oil.
Nissan SR18 and SR20 engines are very prone to sludging up and blocking the oil feed pipes to the cam lobes.
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