Sludge inside PCV valve housing?

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
I brought the Aspire home a few days ago. I yanked the autolite plugs and they're a healthy light beige and aren't overly worn, so I'll leave them in for a bit longer. When I removed the oil cap, I noticed some sludge up inside the cap itself. I looked down through the fill hole and I couldn't really see much of anything, but I don't think there was much sludge down around the cam. I pulled the PCV valve and looked down inside the grommet, and oh boy, lots of sludgy looking gunk. I replaced the PCV valve and reinstalled it. Do you think my little motor is sludged up? It runs fine, and compression numbers are good, left to right they are 180, 175, 177, 170. There aren't any unusual noises coming from the head, or anywhere else around the engine. Is the Mazda B3 known to be a sludger?
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