slight leakage around oil filter base....

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Did you get some oil in the groove of the filter? The sealing ring should handle any imperfections. I would take it off and have a good look at it.
You need to re-read his forum entry. Its leaking between the oil cooler base and the block, not between the oil filter and the oil cooler base. I would guess there is an o-ring that is leaking.
Agree with Donald. Chevy 4 wheel drive trucks did this as well over time. New O-ring was just the ticket to stop the seepage.
The question is HOW is it fixed to the block.
If it is not cast with it, there should be a removal method.
Maybe in the center, with the filter off?

BTW, if if IS a casting leak, Clean the area very clean and dry, and use JB weld quick built up around it.
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