Sleeping on the plane

Oct 31, 2017
It happens all the time when I'm on a plane. I'm peacefully sleeping when a flight attendant wakes me up to inform me that we are about to encounter turbulences. I'm so glad I'm awake and that I get to watch other passengers fumbling for their barf bags. I might have missed all that!
On a recent Air Canada flight home, attendants made a point of recommending we wear our seatbelts OVER our blankets (if applicable), to avoid having to disturb you in case you fall asleep.
Well they must make sure everyone has seat belt on...
First of all, it's a humorous observation that doesn't need deconstructing. ;) Second, they can see whether or not I am wearing the seat belt. I don't have a 25 pound beer belly obscuring the view.
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I fly lots of long haul and fortunately in business class … seatbelt over blanket or they will wake you up if they can’t see you are tied down …
I find the wax looking earplugs better than foam regardless of DB rating on the box …
Use foam plugs on shorter flights because of all the BFF that just met each other 😷
I can sleep anywhere, anytime. I don't even have to be tired. I don't have to lie down. It can be noisy. I just sleep.
You would make a good soldier/military person, being able to turn sleep on and off like a light switch is a critical skill.
My favorite sleep story occurred about 15 years ago when I was in the hospital recovering from a quad bypass operation. I fell sound asleep and was sleeping like a rock when at 2 AM I was awakened from a deep sleep by a nurse who said to me, "It's time for your sleeping pill the doctor wanted you to have."
It’s a good idea because you might have personal items that need to be secured. On the other hand, seasoned travelers know this ahead of time.