Slackers in Greensboro

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Dec 15, 2002
Simpsonville SC
Man, no green elf fans in Greensboro NC? (kind of ironic isn't it with a name like that) Just down there and hit 4 of the 7 AZs in the area. Collectively, they had 38 qts. of 04 batch green GC (HAD, as in not after I left [Razz] ) and, in fact, only 1 of those stores had any 05 gold at all. Found 1 store that had 12 qts. of YELLOW label (still there) and a few qts of 02 green. I guess the green is still around if you look hard enough. Paid $4.39 for 12 of the 38 and $4.99 for the rest. The green shrine marches on [Big Grin] .
I was at AZ in Brownsburg Ind last week. As I was perusing the Castrol rack a fellow tapped me on the shoulder and asked "is that the German stuff?" a fellow BITOGer [Smile] I've forgotten his name but a nice young fellow with a Pontiac GrandAm. (they had the Gold in stock)
Not open for further replies.