SL rated Super S brand motor oil at Roses Stores

Dec 10, 2014
Went by Roses the other day, first visit there, and they had Super S (Smitty's) oil in a couple of varieties. One is in a red bottle , 5w 30 syn. blend, and is rated SL, while another in a blue bottle is a syn. blend 5w 30 rated SN plus. Red bottle variety was on sale for $1.99/qt.
I'm guessing the SL rated oil would be ok for all my vehicles, as my newest is a 06 Elantra. I seem to remember the SL spec. being current around 2010 or so.
Anyone use the SL rated Super S oil in anything other than maybe a push mower?
Mar 20, 2015
Off the top of my head API SM was between 2004-2010.. API SL was 2000-2004. So a API SL would be technically out of spec for a 06. Though it would probably be ok in all likelihood.

Super S is a good oil. I have run the blue bottle Super S 5w30 in my car. My car is a 08.
Jun 6, 2020
From the 06 Elantra owners manual, p. 202:

The engine oil quality should meet the following classification. API SJ, SL or ABOVE, ILSAC GF-3 or ABOVE

and to further what @bbhero stated, here are relevant API grades. Obviously, as shown in the 06 Elantra's owner manual, when talking about years, the car's engine may have been designed for an older spec, and just continued into a later model year in which a newer API spec was released, so the stated API years are more for engines "designed"/changed/updated after the stated year, rather than specifically applying to the car's model year

SMCurrentFor 2010 and older automotive engines.
SLCurrentFor 2004 and older automotive engines.
SJCurrentFor 2001 and older automotive engines.
SHObsoleteCAUTION: Not suitable for use in most gasoline-powered automotive engines built after 1996. May not provide adequate protection against build-up of engine sludge, oxidation, or wear.

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Dec 11, 2016
It's fine. Use it. It's not like your car is going on a forever-diet with it. Plus, the extra Zn allowed in SL oils isn't a bad thing for the engine. I still have 2 bottles of M1 HM manufactured and bought in 2014 (11014J19A) that are SL. Most people would just grab it off the shelf and pour it in their engine without ever looking at the API spec, and I doubt it hurt their cars.

And check your manual, my 05 car's manual says SJ.