Simpson power washer

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Jan 21, 2012
Bought a Simpson power washer with a Honda engine.It came with 16oz of oil to put in the engine,as it is supposed to be packaged with no oil in it.The Honda engine manual says 20oz.I put in 4 extra ounces & it came out the oil fill hole.What`s up with this ?
Where did you buy it? Was it shipped? if so it was probably a return. If it was at home depot type place and ready for use.. they probably added it for you when they assembled it. If it was sealed in a box.. not sure how that happens.
It probably was test run with a bit of oil in it, that was quickly but not completely drained prior to shipping. I've noticed that with other similar products, like my portable generator. I also have a Simpson/Honda 3100 psi pressure washer, which has provided good service for a couple years so far, around the house. A couple of things to watch for: It's not super easy to start - have to release pump pressure after a couple of attempts, and the manual choke is just on/off. Also, be careful with the outlet hose connection to the pump, as the threads and hardware are cheap and wear prematurely. I am limping my original hose and pump along, but it's difficult to screw and unscrew that hose at this point. Finally, if you change the oil often you might want to plumb something on the oil drain...the two times I've changed the oil in my unit, it just spills all over the frame and garage floor. My lazy solution was a refill with some leftover M1 0W-40 and not changing the oil until I feel like I really have to...
I bought a Simpson Power Washer from Lowe's this past spring. Mine has a Kohler engine: Mine came with that same, Simpson "Bag-O-Oil". I never used it. I bought a quart of Mobil 1, 10W-40 and filled the crankcase to the top of the filler as it sat on level ground. The unit runs great. I think Simpson supplies that same size "Bag-O-Oil" with every unit regardless of the size or brand of engine it comes with.
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