Silverado front axle question

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Mar 8, 2010
So my truck is seeping oil out of the passenger side front axle seal. Common problem on these IFS you may know. When I changed it last I added a bit more because of this seeping. It seeps more after warming it up using 4x4, i guess the oil gets warm and flows out better. If by chance I get real low on oil, whats the worst that could happen? Is stuff moving around in there when in two wheel drive? Gotta be some bearings in there right?
worst that could happen? new front end. is there a plugged vent.. or when was the last time you put the seal in? (miles+years) any chance it got nicked? what year truck? what model
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You have no manual hubs to disconnect the axle.So the CV shafts rotate,and the front prop shaft rotates every mile you drive.Low fluid can burn up the ring/pinion,diff bearings,side gears,pinion bearings,you name it.One reason why the old trucks are better in that respect....manual locking hubs.
Had the same seal go out on my 01 not long after I bought it in 01. Get it fixed or you'll wish you did.
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