Silly, Silly, SILLY question

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Feb 9, 2006
I have 2 qts. of M1 75W90 synth gear oil I purchased for my old Saab 900 turbo. Well, the car is in auto heaven now and I have an auto 9-5. Am I correct in thinking this stuff should go nowhere near my sump due to "friction modifiers?" Last thing I want my con rods to do is get a good grip on their bearings. Is there any automotive application of this stuff? Sorry, just been staring at this stuff for a couple years and don't know what to do with it.
Nah, front wheel drive. And my CR-V takes Honda Dual Pump Fluid, whatever that is....besides expensive.
If unopened-sell it. That is very good gear oil and have used it for many years. It is a GL5 rated oil so will work in almost any differental.
Yeah, but I don't even know anyone else who could use it. Hmm, maybe someone with a my boss!
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