Should periodic Engine Oil Pan Removal and Cleaning be a routine service?

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
This question as been in my mind for a while. As evident by this board even a regular user of synthetic will inevitably see deposit formation in thier engine. An old mechanic book i found at the library said this service should be done every 50,000miles. LOL then again this book had the API service designation of SF as the most modern for the time [Smile] Do you think this service would keep engines cleaner in the long run? Are most deposits in an aged engine found on the oil pan or dispersed everywhere else? Thanks-
Thanks Greg! That was a slip!!! I did not mean SF THE BOOK LISTED SC as the most modern at the time! How old is SC now?
If it's not too hard to get at, it certainly wouldn't hurt to clean it once in a while just on principle, though I doubt the sludge in the bottom of the pan is likely to get picked up by the oil pump. A lot of cars though, you have to take the suspension halfway apart just to get at the pan. Definitely not worth the hassle. Cheers, 3MP
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