should i worry - overfilled oil/atf on brand new car

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Feb 1, 2004
picked up a honda last week, with 7 miles, and noticed both oil and atf were over filled. at around 250 miles i drained about half a quart of oil, and 1/4 quart of atf to make it right you guys think theres anything thing to be concerned about? (i looked at the same car, with 1mile on it, before it was pdi'd. oil was good, atf was too high, though not as high as mine) thanks
You definitely don't want to have an overfilled auto tranny.....that's a good way of killing it, second only to extreme heat. You did good in draining the extra fluid......just make sure the dipstick was all the way in's happened to me. The engine might thank you for overfilling a bit.....not a lot though!
I don't think it's a problem. Probably good that you corrected it, just in case. Look at the owner's manual. Mine (Fords) say the oil could be quite a bit over the full mark when new or if the oil was just changed. I had some dumbell overfill my wifes tranny on her '92 Aerostar and it kept leaking out. Finally, after a couple thousand miles of that, I drained off about 1 to 1.5 qts and it quit leaking. I believe it was coming out some vent.
My 02 Cavalier came with the oil above the full mark. If you add the 5.8 quarts the manual says, it is above the full mark. There has been extensive discussion here about this and I am still not sure what I should do. I am mostly going with the dipstick. Running a little low might be more of an issue if I drove it hard. Hey, good to see the problems fixed. Also, a big thanks to 59 vetteman.
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