Should I try a different oil next in my WRX?

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Nov 15, 2002
San Diego
You can see my last results here: 2003 Subaru WRX 2.0t, 7,247mi Mobil1 5w30 I'm thinking about trying another oil besides M1, namely RedLine or Amsoil. But I'm having a hard time justifying paying more than twice as much for those oils vs M1, especially when M1 is obviously working very well. If I were to try RedLine, I would use their 5w30, if Amsoil, I would have to choose between their S2K, XL-7500 and SAE series. Any convicing anyone can do either way would be interesting. Any thoughts?
Well, the oil is doing fine, the cost (not to mention the hassle) to switch) test etc. is larger, why create more issues in your life. You have this one nailed down relax and enjoy the ride!
If you want to try Amsoil 5W-30, your choices are: Series 3000 5W-30 HDD. This is the expensive stuff, and what I assume you meant by S2K. A fuel efficient, HD diesel oil rated for gas cars as well. More esters, better additives more dollars. Expect to pay $6.45 to 8.35 US per qt. ASL 5W-30. The standard PAO based synthetic Amsoil motor oil. Expect to pay $4.55 to $5.85 per qt. A great motor oil for the price. People say it's twice the cost of M1, by comparing gallon prices, etc but these are straight 1 qt prices (not case price per) so to be fair ASL gallons are between $18.15 and $22.80. XL-7500 SAE SL. The worst in the Amsoil line up. Amsoil lowered their standards strictly to meet API requirements, nothing else. Group III oil. Rated to go 6 months, 7500 miles in good conditions. I will give it away at my cost (and pay shipping) if people agree to do analysis. No takers yet. $3.95-$5.20 qt.
A guy I race bikes with runs MOBIL 1 0W40 in his wrx STI and has yet to have a problem or use or burn any oil. Fret not. Then again he like the Mobil Lifetime Warranty because he tends to keep his cars for awhile and because he drives his cars hard. Its just the peace of mind for him anyways.
Well ed hacketts's UOA's of RP, are about the best UOA's posted on subaru engines here. But the mobil 1, really seems to be doing well, and it may not be worth the hassle to others have pointed out.
Well-Schaefffer's Moly Pure Synthetic outperformed Mobil 1 n my vehicle. I than switched from the Moly Pure to the 10W-30 Blend afterSchaeffer's reps indicated the difference in performence between the two oils was nil. So-my thought is that the Mobil 1 is doing a good job for you-you could however go with the 10W-30 Mobil 1 or give Schaeffer's a shot.
Well, I wasn't stuck on sticking with 5w30 and I have used M1 0w30 before, so the TSO S2K 0w30 would be an option. One could argue that I probably don't need anything thinner than a 10w30 since 99% of the time the car sees temps above 45F. I might take a trip up to the local mountains where it wouldn't get too far below freezing, and having a thin oil at cold temps makes me feel a lot better about cold starts. Looking at Santo's report after 5k hard miles on the ASL 5w30 and being better than my 5k interval on relatively easy driving, I think I'll have to give it a shot for the next change. Anyone think his lower numbers could be attributed to him using the Amsoil oil filter vs my Proline (which appears identical to the standard Purolator?) Thanks for the input! [ January 21, 2004, 03:43 AM: Message edited by: Dave ]
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