Should I test tbn?

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Feb 17, 2004
I will be sending 2 oil samples to Blackstone in the next week or so. One on Havoline 5w30 dino and the other on Havoline 5w30 full syn. Both vehicles will be changed at an interval of around 3500 miles, which is my normal change interval. Is it worth the extra $10 to test the tbn levels since this is not an extended change interval?
Unless you're interested in doing extended intervals, TBN is not all that important for you to get. It's always nice to have, for sure, but it shouldn't be too bad at such a low interval unless you have mechanical problems.
I have stopped getting the TBN on my samples as they are proving to me (IMO) to be worthless numbers. However, it may be good to have one sample at the mileage interval you change at just for future reference should you ever need it. Just my opinion!
I will be getting my OUA back in the next couple of days and I did not opt for TBN. I use good dinos at 3 to 4K and TBN is geared for testing the limits of long drain intervals.
Originally posted by Patman: .......... unless you have mechanical problems.
If you're doing a UOA at 3,500 miles, what are you looking for? Trophy wear metal analysis to justify using your favorite brand of oil? Save your money and don't bother with any UOA. If you really want to save money, one of our board sponsors Oil Guard , sells UOA kits at 3 for $30 and they include TBN.
Patman is right. However, the TBN will give you an idea of how long you can run your oil in your car if you are interested in extended drain intervals.
Thanks for making me think this through a little more, satterfi. My wife's van is used most of the time for short trips around town. The last oil change I used Havoline 5w30 synthetic for the first time; prior to that 5 or 10w30 Havoine dino. I used the synthetic thinking I would get better protection for that type of driving. I planned on using dino this change and having that oil tested to make a comparision. I was going to have the 5w30 dino from my car tested just for the heck of it. I have one of those GM quad engines that have had head gasket problems and thought it would be worth sampling.
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