Should I take the gold plunge?

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Feb 4, 2005
Thinking of switching my 98'Camry to GC gold. Gold because it's easier to find around here. Does anyone think that 0w-30 would do well in an I4 Camry engine with 60K miles on it? It doesn't drive very far, only 11 miles round trip each work day. Thanks for your opinions.
I just purchased a '96 Honda 2.7 V6 and one of the first things I did was to change out whatever was in there from the PO to Gold GC 0-30 , and it certainly seems that this engine just loves it. I have green but purposely chose the gold for the first switch untill I get to know this engine better, but i have no reservations in predicting that the gold is as good as the green for this app. (PO: "oh the oil was probably changed 500 mi ago", **!, it came out very brown and about 10w-40 it looked like. 80k mi. on the engine, looks not sludged but not pristine either on the peek down the vc oil fill. But the engine is smooooth., and plenty of power.) Yes GC lives!
Not open for further replies.