should i switch to a synthetic blend?

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Interesting that you Atlantans can get MC full synthetic for two-bucks when WalMart charges more than that for MC synthetic blend. As to what's wrong with it - NOTHING, other than it's often difficult to locate. (Could the price you can get on that full synthetic MC reflect the possibility that it's SL/GF-3 on closeout?) Oh, and [Welcome!]
The Motorcraft oil is not a fully synthetic oil. It is a blend and is virutally identical to its sister oil, TropArtic synthetic blend, which sells at Walmart for $1.48 a quart. Both oils are extremely good oils and would serve you well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them whatsoever. See the UOA section. (Some oils - Motorcraft and TropArtic among them - aren't advertised heavily like the other oils you mentioned, which probably has the biggest impact on the cost of the oil.) There are many on this board who know a great deal about VWs. They could probably help you select the best oil for your application. Welcome to BITOG! [Smile]
I might stand corrected in light of RayH's post above mine. I've never seen or heard of full synthetic Motorcraft. If you can find it for $2 a quart, then I'd say it would be a hard one to pass up!
I'd do a batch of Maxlife Valvoline blend ( labeled as dino if you haven't already done the free rebate ( ends soon see Valvo site). Otherwise I'd use TropArtic or MC blends . MC is a blend at $2 at WM
Great- thanks for the welcome and i look forward to hearing from some of the VW owners. how much better are synthetic blends over conventionals? will there be a significantly less amount of internal friction with a blend- over a dino?
I don't see any evidence blends are any better than dino so treat them the same and buy blends under $2. You want your blend to work like a syn, you'd better use syn , dino 50-50 from the same company and mix it yourself.
Originally posted by KieferS: will there be a significantly less amount of internal friction with a blend- over a dino?
I don't think so.
I'm using the TropArtic synthetic blend 10W-30 in my Hyundai V6. Can't say I've noticed a measurable improvement in fuel economy. I use it because I got a very good price on the stuff at Dollar Tree when the chain carried it pre-Katrina (try to guess how much I paid... [Wink] ), and because the Group III content offers some additional oxidative and viscosity stability. I suspect current syn-blends are about where the next conventional oils (SN/GF-5) will be quality-wise - a worthwhile improvement but not a sea-change. (Note to AstroVic - MC full synthetic is usually only found at Ford and Lincoln Mercury stealerships. You can imagine what they sell it for.)
Than can some one please tell me why the heck i would use a blend over a conventional?
KieferS wrote: "I don't want to use a fully synthetic oil, because i don't think it's worth the money for my application, and i don't want to risk a leak." is this true about full synthetics (leak)? welcome to BITOG by the way.
on my moms old 89 camry- synthetic was used and a leak was formed. we could never really find the source of the leak. but then again we didn't really care for the car- it had 8k oic on kendall- it was still running well at 197k where we sold it to a cousin for 100 bucks- and he drove it all the way to DC and finished school with it- the car had 230k miles on it until we ditched it due to severe engine damage. I think we only changed the filter like two times the whole life of that engine.
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