Should I re-use this wheel hub? (Pic included)

Apr 29, 2021
I was trying to cut the bearing race out of the hub, and like a genius I cut too deep into the hub. The cut is about 1mm deep. Should I re-use this hub or get another one? If so are aftermarket brands any good?

This is a 2010 Civic Si that sees some track time. Thank you.


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Wouldn't bother me. I did worse to the rear hubs on my WRX and I took that thing to VIR and Summit Point Raceway several times.
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If you are using the car on the track and pushing its limits, you may want to consider replacing it. You may be putting more stress than the part was designed for on it. Now that it has been damaged, better safe than sorry... How expensive is the part? If it is priced reasonable, just replace it and take the worry off your mind.