Should I fool dad??

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Oct 11, 2002
Pullman WA
My dad went out and bought (2) 5 quart jugs of supertech oil. He wants me to change the oil on two cars for him (old S10 and Cougar), my dilema is should I just go out and buy some chevron (1.08) quart and put that in (not tell dad) or should I just use the supertech? I can use the supertech in one of my old beaters. He did buy the supertech oil filters (didn't want to put out the extra dollar for the fram, thank goodness).
Its still an SL rated oil..
I'd put in what he asked me to.

I'll be switching back to ST and would do a UOA at the next change. Problem is, the oil itself will probably soon be Shell so checking the Shreveport plant's work wouldn't be worth it. In reality, the only UOA was of ST 5W30 and it really didn't sheer down a lot more than other oils tested at that time. The VOA on it at least had a fair amount of moly. I'd use your dad's oil.
i seen some ok analysis with supertech. i ran it for my auto rx treatment. stuart i agree with, change it with a reasonable interval.
Better do what DAD tells you, or he'll take you out to the wood shed and give you a whoopin'

Originally posted by Schmoe:
Better do what DAD tells you, or he'll take you out to the wood shed and give you a whoopin'

yeah, is it worth a possible argument with your father over differences in oil preferences just so you can put in a better oil, that if changed every 3K miles, probably won't really make a difference?
And if he's been using ST, it seems like you should stick with it. I always worry about the people on this board who seem to be changing oil brands every time they change, always looking for something different or better. It seems like consistency would have some benefit
I think I'll just go with the supertech, it does have moly and hopefully it will maintain it's viscosity. I think pretty much all oils should be decent till 3,000 miles. THanks
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