Should I exchange some ValvolineMaxLife SYN for GC?

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Feb 1, 2005
South Texas
I have some Val Max Life Syn ($1.75/qt average) from the old AZ syn sale. [Big Grin] It's good stuff, but should I try to exchange it for GC at AZ. Last time I was there getting free Techron w/ rebate, I checked and they have GC with 05 and 04 date codes. I have not counted lately, but off the top of my head I may have between 16-26 qts left. I have 8 qts of QS 10-30 SYN also. It's label only specs API SL, compared to the ValMxLfSyn's multiple ACEA specs, and BMW, MB, and VW long life specs. The QS Syn seems weak to me! Should I exchange the QS instead. I got it for $1.50 a pop. If I exchange the 8 QS's thats $12 for $45 worth of GC. Your thoughts please! Any one use GC in older or newer Modular 4.6's or newer Vortec 5.3's? [Cheers!]
I'd keep the Maxlife for sure, I think it's Valvoline's best oil. But to each their own! Darryl
GC is far the superior oil; if it were me in your position the decision would be easy: exchange.
Only problem is will AZ take the oil back. Was it one of their clearance sales? If so, they won't take it. You could always bring it bact to Wal-mart and exchange it there for some Sytec and then bring that to AZ to exchange. Not that I would ever do anything like that. [Wink]
What about the QS Syn? It's not the new "Q" series though. I'll have to check out what AZ has and does not have when I go buy some more free Techron w/ rebate today. I may have to to the old Wal-Mart shuffle.
I did the old Wal-Mart shuffle. I took my 8qts of QS syn I paid $12 for at AZ, and Wal-Mart gave me a $32 gift card. I bought laundry detergent, bleach, a magazine, two bottles of Coke, and 12 qts of Castrol Syntec Blend 5-20 @ $1.50 (regular $2.48) each. I'll use the Syntec Blend in my '01 Grand Marq. It has the circle symbol on the back reading API Service SL, SAE 5-20, energy conserving. On the left hand side of the back label though, it reades EXCEEDS: API Service SM/SL/SJ/SH ISLAC GF-4,3,2 FORD WSS-M2C930-A Ford WSS-M2C153-H Why does it list API SL on the circle symbol, but API SM on the small print on the side?
Originally posted by Islandvic: ... Why does it list API SL on the circle symbol, but API SM on the small print on the side?
It may have been stuff packaged prior to the official release of SM, so it could only list the SL in the circle?
zmeli quote: "For the price that you paid per QT. I say keep it and use it. Then switch to the GC." My point is not to pay full retail price for the GC.
Originally posted by Islandvic: zmeli quote: "For the price that you paid per QT. I say keep it and use it. Then switch to the GC." My point is not to pay full retail price for the GC.
I have yet to pay more than $3.99/qt. I have even been able to get a few qts (my last 4 Gold GC and 1 Green) for free with a little finesse from my dads and mine Mobil 5000 free coupons. May be doing a similar thing with some MaxLife Syn and a trip to Wal Mart and then to AZ. [Wink]
It's only here at AZ at $4.99 or $5.xx. If you have the MaxLifeSyn from AZ, Wal-Mart will give you $4.50/qt at least in credit, unless you exchange them for something else. Good Luck.
Same price here, but I have always used the Pep Boys $3.99 coupon. twice AZ price matched. One store would not, so I made a trip to Pep Boys, got 12 5w-30 Syntec, went to the AZ that said they literally could not price match oil (store manager said they were "locked out" of the computer for changing price on oil, when 2 other stores did it no problem, stupid liar) and "exchanged" it for all 12 of their Green GC. Went back there the other day for the Free Techron (thanks BTW) and saw they had some more Green GC, hence the returning of the 4 MaxLife Syn to Wal Mart to get 4 more Syntec 5w-30 and then make another exchange. This may cost me an extra $1.20 or so, since I think Syntec is $4.80 @ Wal Mart. Still, 4 qts of Syntec for $5.20 total is not too bad. [Smile] I know, its wrong, but hey, thats what the store manager gets for lying to me.
It's not wrong, it's the "Wal-Mart Shuffle". The bottles all have the same UPC codes, so it's not like they can not resale the stuff. It's not stealing, it's smart shopping and looking out for #1! Today, I went and bought to more Techron's (will send rebate to my grandfather's house) and a gallon of antifreeze. I have 3 out of 5 punches now on my AZ card so I can get that $20 card. It's great b/c the first punch was when my brother bought an o2 sensor, 2nd punch was for the 1st Techron double purchase, some SeaFoam Deep Creep, and some other free rebated BS. I'm waiting for some more free rebated crap to come out to get my 4th and 5th punch. I may buy some GC finaly for free with it. I'm ending up with a stash of freaking cheap oil, and free Techron! Great minds think alike!
LOL, why not return the Techron to Wal Mart for a full refund? [Big Grin] BTW, if you return too much stuff to Wal Mart without a reciept within a certain time period, they won't let you do it for a while (don't ask how I know). I didn't think to buy a little more when I got my Techron to get a card punch. Oh well.
My area Wal-Marts only give store credit when you dont have receipts. These SoTx Wal-marts are smart about scams...It comes with my territory. They scan your ID here every time you either exchange or return something. I bad with my flourecent light bulbs. All of my exterior lights (except for the motion flood lamps) above the doors of my house and my yard lamp post have the spiral or bug light flourecent bulbs, plus some in the inside of the house. I have a habit of keeping the receipt inside the plastic bulb merch container, and when one burns out, I return it and get a new one. These types of bulbs always have 4-8 year guarantees, so I point to the receipt date, and the guaratee and get new bulb no questions asked.
Get Maxlife Syns while you can on the cheap..same goes for GC(cheap or not). Besides, how often do you find an A3 rated syn oil at $1.75/qt?.. Keep both can't go wrong with either(for sure). Like me on the dino side of my stash, I only stock up on Delo 400. One of the key reasons besides the HTHS qualities and high moly, it is one of the very few dinos around with an ACEA blessing.
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