Should I come back to Mobile 1??

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Sep 22, 2003
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Hi there. Since I got my car I broke it in for 1 year or so and started using M1 and I noticed that I have about 1 litre oil consumption every 3 000 miles. Also when I parked the car I smelled burned oil all the time. No oil leaks no were, went under the car and looked all over. So I went back to Castrol GTX, right now no consumption and no smell. But I want best protection for my car, but not sure what should I do right now??? I used M1 for .5 years(5 oil changes) and Castrol GTX right now for 2 oil changes. By the way car is 2001 Subaru RS. Please reccomend something!!
The Castrol GTX is a fine oil and it will do just fine for you. Odd that the Mobil 1 gave you trouble, but the GTX will fine with the 3000 mile oil changes you are doing.
Well, you are in the right area for some reasonably priced "personal consulting services". If you smell that hot oil smell it usually means that oil is leaking onto the exhaust manifolds or pipes. If you have a loose valve cover or bad gasket it could let the Mobil 1 leak (Mobile is a town in Alabama as far as I know, hehe) Maybe an expert in Subaru science will check in on this.
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