Should I be worried about what might have been in this oil?!

Jan 3, 2020
Ontario, Canada
I had the water pump replaced under warranty in April of this year on my 2014 Chrysler 300 5.7L AWD, and when they take the pump off, coolant drops into the oil pan.
No big deal, as I asked them if they changed the oil (obviously you'd think if the coolant goes into the oil) and they said yes of course. Other then getting spots of coolant on the outside fenders (which I had them clean 2x to get rid of), they seemed to do a fine job. I checked the oil as the synthetic stuff I had in there wasn't very old (a few months then,) and it seemed a fair bit darker then what I was using. So next time I was at the dealer I asked if they changed it and they said they don't change the filter, just drop the oil drain plug and whats in the pan, and refill with conventional oil (I had Mobil 1 synthetic EP in it.) Ok, what ever I figured, I would changed it early then instead of waiting till the fall and doing it before winter... so I did the oil change today.

Well the stuff I dumped was nasty! I have checked it many times since and other then being dark it looked fine, but this stuff was streaky, and looked like it might have had coolant in it still as it had an orange tint to it but wasn't going milky at least, and was dark almost blackish. It came out thinner then water it seemed! It only had ~1000kms on it (~621miles) as the car has been sitting most of the summer.

The part the freaked me out was the streakyness in it. It was like two tone black but NOT metallic and I could only see it like this sitting in the drain pan in the sun (the orange tint). Coolant is the OEM Mopar orange stuff. I brought it into the garage and you couldn't see it, just looked like dark dirty almost black oil...

Should I be worried. Engine is quiet, seems as smooth as usual... Guess best thing to do is maybe short this oil change too and do it again over the winter?
Thanks for any info etc :)
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It’s hard to know, but I would certainly do another short run, with an oil & filter that you put in, change it early again, and see what that looks like.

Stuff does build up in the pan, a thin layer that doesn’t get removed by a regular oil change. If this was stirred up a bit by the work, it could come out as streaks as the oil drains past it.