Should I add LC to my next Redline oil change

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
Brand New BMW X5 4.4i. I changed the oil out at 3K and at 7K with Redline 5W30. I plan to do a UOA on this oil change and the next. For my upcoming oil change, should I just go ahead and go a third interval with straight Redline 5W30 or RL 5W30 with LC.
Ultimately, I'm trying to get away with 6 months OCI *approx 5/6K miles* every 6 months. During the winter, I do drive the X less. I'm thinking along the lines of late November and June OCI.
It can not hurt! Worst case it does nothing to help the oil out. Best case it helps the oil do it job better by boosting anitoxidant powers and improveing already good solvency. You insolubles should drop even lower.
Hi chefwong, why would you add anything at all? In such engines the real risk is what "harm" could you do? With various advanced valve actuation devices etc. and BMW expressly saying no additives the risk is yours! I have never added anything to any of the hundreds of engines I have owned. I have always had excellent engine life too! Regards Doug [Smile] MY98 BMW Z3 2.8 (Delvac 1 5w-40) And others
Originally posted by Jeffrey Behr:
Originally posted by chefwong: ...or RL 5W30 with LC.
More undefined acronyms. What's 'LC'?

LC is for Lube Control and FP is for Fule power. [Smile]
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