Shocked By M1 Filter

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Sep 10, 2010
Tried a M1 filter for the first time with the same oil , OCI and conditions on my car and was shocked at how good the oil looked - the only difference was a M1 filter this time versus a cheaper name brand (NAPA) filter that I previously used. I have no regrets with NAPA filters and only tried the M1 filter because it was on sale at AAP . I'll gladly look for M1 filters again and see if my results equal what I observed this OCI .
Can an oil filter affect the <span style="font-style: italic">colour</span> of the oil? They're really designed to filter solids like iron, lead, copper particles. I can't imagine dissolved carbon, or oxidized oil being affected by straining. Champion Labs does make an excellent filter though.
My Father used Mobil 1 oil and Fram XGuard and he rarely drives, if he does it super short trips. His oil would look filthy quickly. He tells me his oil looks cleaner than ever with the Mobil 1 Filter, who knows really. It's a nice filter either way.
Chris I would use the M1 again if the oil looked better to you. Gotta be doing something good. And it is a good filter. If nothing else, you are driving knowing that your engine has good oil and filter working. Rest easy. And keep changing the oil.
I've noticed the same thing when switching to a PureOne filter--the oil looks noticeably cleaner after a normal OCI. Don't know if cleaner looking oil is really important though...
My last oil change in the wifes Quest van looked a lot cleaner than usual, that was with a Wix. I have used Pure ones in the past. It wasn't scientific or anything, just my observation of the color
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Go to Advance web site they have special 2/$20
Geez! right after I spent $13.00 dollars on a Napa Platinum filter. Oh well, I will just go get a couple of M1 Filters at Autozone for that price, doesn't hurt to have extra they will be used..Thanks for the info.
I think the M1 is a great quality filter that can be used for a 10k+ oci, but I'm not sure about oil color is an indication of it's effectiveness. Also not sure which Napa filter you are referring to, but if it's a Gold, that's an excellent filter too. Glad you're satisfied with the M1 though, as said, nice sale currently at AAP.
Back in June 2008 I had Mobil 15W-50 Extended Performance oil put in the Beast and ran it with a Mobil Extended Performance filter. I drove to Yellowstone and back, and also did an 80 mile per day (total) commute. At 11,000 miles I changed the oil and filter. I was astonished at how clear the oil looked.
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