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Apr 10, 2003
After reading posts until I saw double, I have a few questions specific to my 93' SHO. As the second owner, I cannot attest to the care and feeding of my vehicle. It burns no oil after 148K mi, and has no ticks,knocks,or troubling noises. While doing a valve cover replacement, I did notice what I would consider minor residual discoloration in the valve train. What oil/filter would you recommend to keep things as clean or cleaner? What about using an oversize filter, FL-1A or equvilent? I only drive the car from May to November, so as to spare a very nice car from the "Frozen Tundra" of Wisconsin...Thanks in advance
For how many miles have you been putting oil into it, and what kind are you using?
I own a '95 Taurus SHO also with the famous Yamaha motor. I now use Castrol GTX and haven't had a problem. I used Mobil 1 Synthetic for 17k miles and won't go back because I always heard a slight ticking sound at start-up. I think Mobil 1 is too thin for the Yamaha V6.

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I've had it for approx 12k, and am very obsessive with 3k-4k oil changes in all of my vehicles. I am currently using Mobile Drive Clean 5w-30 and the Motorcraft stock filter.

I've read good reviews about the Cheveron Delo 15w-40...Any comments??
For the filter, it depends on whether it is a 5sp or automatic. Oversize is Ok on the 5 spd. but not enough room on the automatic since the motor is moved forward. It will contact the radiator. You should be reading
OIL4SHO, I think that the Chevron Delo 15w-40 might be a little too thick for the Yamaha motor. I think a better choice would be Mobil 1 5w-30, 10w-30 or 0w-40. Also some people have said that Mobil 1 has slowly removed sludge or varnish built up inside of their motors valve train. If I had an SHO I would not mind spending a little extra to get Synthetic oil. Amsoil or even Schaeffer's blend would also be OK.

Keep in mind that if you were to use a much thicker oil like Delo 15w-40 that the higher viscosity of that oil will reduce your fuel economy. It may only be a small reduction but I would think it would off-set any saving from the cheaper price you would have paid for the Delo.

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Have a look at the post in Oil Filters about Bob's filter test. There is some evidence now that the Motorcraft filter will significantly impede oil flow. There is a rather dramatic pressure drop across the media in the Motorcraft that was tested.

There are other filters that show much less pressure drop and, hence, probably flow much better. There is a gathering consensus here that flow is preferable to efficiency. Consider Wix, Amsoil, K&N.

Also, consider Mobil1 oil. It has been shown to clean very, very well. If that were my car, I'd put Mobil1 5w-30 in in May after winter, change it again in three months, and change it again three months after that. I'll bet that it will be noticeably cleaner by the time that you put it to bed if you do that.
I use Castrol GTX 10w-30 with a Motorcraft FL-1A filter in my '94 SHO MTX w/ 150k miles. Seems to burn about a quart every 800-1000 miles, but I know I've got some leaky valve stem seals, and with that milage I can deal with the oil consumption.
I would be interested to see how the FL-1A does against the puny FL400S (stock SHO filter, witch is also used on Escorts, ect) that was used in the flow test.

Originally posted by Tommy2:
What do you guys think about Mobil 1 0w-40 in the V6 SHO motor?

Try it out and do an oil analysis on it, that's the only way to know for sure. It might be too thick since the Yamaha made SHO engine's clearances are a bit tighter from what I've read, but UOA will show for sure.
Go for broke and use redline oil, it cleans the best of any common oil . and let us know if there is a seat of the pants difference.
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