She's done blowed up for the 2nd time!!!!

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Jan 16, 2006
United We Stand
This is really an update for those that wanted to know. I can finally spill the beans as I got my car back, finally. My 04 Kia Amanti blew up for the 2nd time at 22599 miles, the 1st engine was changed at 7k something which means this 1 lasted twice as long at over 15k miles. The orginal short block was changed do to a piston slap. This time it was actually doing the same thing but instead of 1 piston it was all 6 slapping away and I was blowing a nice piece of smoke out the back. My attorney said to take the engine as it was already offered to be changed for the 2nd time under warranty and how does it look when you turn down $7355 worth of free repairs. Of course if this engine goes out the gloves come off. I have cases of oil, I now get free hyundai/kia oil filters from my service center and I have a 6 pack of pre-paid Blackstone kits I will be sending off like clock work. If this engine blows up I already know from talking to them it will not get covered again and of course that would be the 3rd blow up which makes for a good court case. As we stand now Kia has over $16000 in warranty repairs on the car.
I heard a shipload of Kia's sunk. Kia claimed a total loss on the cars, 200 in all. The reporter said he knows they claimed a total loss, because they asked the insurance company for over 3000.00 dollars [LOL!] Yes, it's just a joke. No, I don't have anything against Kia. Actually, I first heard this joke referring to another car brand.
Don't Kias have a 100K warranty??
That what I thought also. Whazz up with that.
That sucks. Wonder if it is a bad lot of engines. Kia's and Hyundai's get ragged on but I have always had good look with both brands. Hootbro
Sound like you may have a Korean trapped in your engine. Maybe he's making things malfunction in order to get out. [Big Grin]
How can they turn down another fix(I know you wouldn't get it fixed again, but bare with me) being that they have a 100k mile powertrain warranty. Assuming you had all maintenance records etc? Unless you were racing the car or driving like you were, I don't see how they could turn it down just because they don't want to spend any more money... Isn't the law roughly, problem--under warranty--fix it, or buy it? They can't just acknowledge a problem and say they won't fix it, doesn't matter if it is the first or third time, if they choose not to fix an acknowledged problem they must buy it back. That or be like chevy and say it isn't a problem and make it harder.
I've "Lemon-Law"ed two vehicles. A Jetta, and an Accord. Both times, it was a matter of "three strikes and you're out" repairs. Actually, I let the Jetta go for five strikes before I dug my heels in. The Accord was a disaster, replaced the auto trans at 2500 miles, then, the piston slap was so bad it cracked a skirt, and did it again. Honda was MUCH harder to deal with than VW. Nothing against either manufacturer, have owned both Makes sense then with zero problems. You CAN get a bad car from a decent manufacturer.
it was a matter of "three strikes and you're out" repairs That's really it right there. 1 time ok, 2 times little bit hanky and 3 times for the same high dollar repair and its over. Actually if it happens again I highly doubt we would make it past the arbitration stage before they would argee to pay my attorney's fees and buy back the car vice going to court paying even more money out on attorney's mine and theirs and then potential having a jury award more money then I paid for the car. Yes the car does have a 100k mile powertrain warranty and I still have the 5yr/60k mile bumper to bumper. Matter a fact while it was in for the engine (26 days) I gave them the information and part number for a sway bar knock repair. Funny how a manufacturer will issue out a addy part as a fix but not tell the dealers or have issued a TSB for the remaining cars with this same sway bar issue. That whole sway bar repair was $80 thats it, there are other owners going to the BBB and having drag outs with the area reps over a $80 repair. Oh according to my area rep who didn't know about this fix either, they (Kia) are going to push for a TSB for the remain cars with problems nation wide. He even came out and drove my car for himself while it was at the dealership.
Thanks for updating us. Now on to the question that has to be asked on this forum. What oil are you going to use? [Cool]
I have about 5 cases of 5w30 havoline as it has served my 95 escort so well that when I pulled the valve cover it was completely clean, which for me is a nice change as usually they are a mess under the valve covers. I am changing the oil in the car next weekend with between 500 and 600 miles I've done about 80 miles so far so probably 600, which will be bottled and sent off to Blackstone. I will be draining it again on the 25-26th of march when I get back from Athens, GA should be close to 2500-3000 miles then.
"My 04 Kia Amanti blew up for the 2nd time at 22599 miles" That dosen't really suprise me. My experiance with KIA was so good they could offer me a free one and I still would turn them down. In fact by brother in Baton Rouge, LA said a Kia dealer the was offering buy a Sedona and get a Rio free. I told him I still wouldn't take it. "Don't Kias have a 100K warranty??" Yes they do but, what the heck good does a car with a 100k mile warranty do ya if the car is always in the shop?!?!?!
A dealer here had a buy-one get-one sale last summer. However, you could buy a Dodge or a Kia and get free Rio.
We had a buy a dodge/chrysler get a neon not that long ago. I want to say 1 of the chevy dealers had a get a aveo but I cannot remember which so don't quote me.
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