Shell Rotella T5 $10.00 T6 $20.00 rebate valid 3-1-23 - 6-30-23

I just bought 3 gallons of T6 at Home Depot for $24.23/gallon. It only took two minutes to uploaded a pic of my receipt on the rebate website. I received a confirmatory email immediately afterwards. It was very easy. After rebate price of $17.56/gallon.
I was about to share this same rebate.

Last fall I sent in a rebate for  Pennzoil Ultra, included pic of register receipt, etc., and never heard back from them. Nothing, nada, zilch...

How does someone reach out to assess the validity of the redemption claim?

I bought my Pennzoil at a Napa Auto, it should definitely be included in their redemption program.
I finally got an approval email yesterday. I trusted that the lady on the phone would send the approval through like she said, and she did. It said invalid for a few days after I talked to her but now it reflects approved. I got just the first email telling me its approved and I will get another in a few days with the rebate.
Checked on my rebate status yesterday and it was marked invalid for a non-participating store (TSC). So I gave them a call and the lady told me they needed a couple of weeks to update their system to include TSC. She even took my number and was going to talk to a supervisor about it and get back to me, which I missed that call, but her voice-mail said basically the same thing.

So, I'm hopeful that gets approved by later this month and I don't have to go through the same circus for the clearance Pennzoil from TSC that "the service center" processes the rebates for too