Shell Rotella 5 gal. T5 Synthetic 15W40 Motor Oil $59.99 Sale Was $117.99 Save $58.00(49%) at Tractor supply Unknown deal expiration date

Sep 6, 2019
$59.99 Sale Was $117.99 Save $58.00 (49%)
Dirt cheap for T5 syn blend 15w40

59.99 for 5 gallons. 12 dollars a gallon for diesel oil. Probably can use this with the rotella gift card rebate? My local tractor supply is on the rebate list of participating retailers. 5 gallons for 50 bucks after rebate. 10 bucks a gallon then. Think its everywhere. Changed my location to a few random TSC stores and all had same price. Local store is out but couple towns over has 7 in stock. Gonna order one online I think.

Shell Rotella 5 gal. T5 Synthetic 15W40 Motor Oil

Shell Rotella T5 $10.00 T6 $20.00 rebate valid 3-1-23 - 6-30-23
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Oh boy, here I go buying oil again

I remember getting delvac 1300 for bogo 10.99.
This is a good sale but not a fire sale.
5gal is a bad size to use too not a bonus.

The price if you need some now is great.. sam's club was 99.99$ for 6 gal.

Rebate is 10$ GC?
Idk man, $2.5/qt for T5 is pretty strong.
In todays market it definitely is.. also a nice step up from lower tier. HDEO..
although IIRC its not JASO MA/MA2 so avoid in shared sump applications.

I guess my point was its not a clearance. price. but esp with the rebate its tempting me.
My last purchase was 8 gallons of delvac 1300 for 104$.- no rebate And I dont have to dump it into measuring bottles etc.

I'm down to ~4 gallons of hdeo which is most of a year for my purposes.
3-4 gallons for the 316.318, other 316 and 2-3gallons for the 850

And I dont want to use full syn in these 40 year old tractors that have a nice crusty life built up on mostly conventional such as gtx 20w50 or lately delvac 15w40.
Although I currently have a can of 5w40 motul in my personal 316.. its the cleanest and least used.
still looks nearly clear at 10 hours.
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Not that there’s a huge difference, but…description says synthetic, photo shows semi-synthetic. Anybody know?
Haha slaying oil. What is this cartoon?
That's a scene from Rick and Morty, shows on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network.

Idk man, $2.5/qt for T5 is pretty strong.
Agreed. 2.50/qt for any conventional diesel oil was a good buy 10 years ago. This is *only* synthetic blend, but Rotella makes outstanding oil in conventional and synthetic flavors, this will be as well.
Nice score it's OOS all around me but I scored a 2.5gal of Chevron Delo 400 XSP synthetic 15w40 the other day at wallyworld for $30. They had 2 but I was trying to let someone else enjoy a deal too. Hopefully someone got it as it's back to full price.
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Saturday I went to a store in Tampa to see about a rain check because online said they are out of stock. I went to the oil isle and it showed regular price but they had one pail left. At the register it rang up the sale price so score! I wanted a couple more buckets so I asked about a rain check and was told they are closing it out and will not be getting more in, NO rain checks on this deal folks.
My store must have 6 buckets in the aisle. I can't decide if I want to deal with the 5 gallon form factor LOL

I'm hoping if I drag my feet long enough the decision will be made for me!