shell rotella 5/40 2.50 a quart


Originally posted by jessealan: Wallmart is has gallon jugs of this rotella synthetic for ten bucks. Should I pass it up. I usually run 10/30 in my cars.
This is Group III synthetic oil that is also rated SL for gasoline engine use. You can use it in the winter and it will flow very good for cold weather starting. I use it in my 1997 Lumina. Not only do you have the synthetic advantage of extended drains, it also has extra detergents (calcium as I remember) to clean your engine. This oil was $18 and change a few months ago at Wal*Mart, then they reduced it to $12 and change. If you can get this for only $10 a gallon, I would go for it. I am guessing it is not selling because most people do now know what it is. Very good oil at an excellent price. [ May 31, 2003, 05:16 PM: Message edited by: CJH ]
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I also was in the Post Falls Wal*Mart a few days ago and saw the shopping carts with the closeout of Rotella synthetic. This oil will be OK for you in the summer, but what's the advantage for you? If you stick with normal oil drain intervals, the $2.50 cost per quart is no bargain, and the oil won't work better for you than any good conventional oil. This diesel 5W/40 is a big help for diesel engines in cold winters. Ken