Shell Rotella 15W-40 94 Kawi ZX-11 186 miles

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Feb 25, 2003
Okay, I was running Shell Rotella 15W-40 non-synthetic for my Auto-RX rinse stage, and I just couldn't stomach having a non-synthetic in there so I swapped it out at 186 miles. Yeah, I know, people have used all kinds of crap in all kinds of vehicles and they seem to get by, but I had recently been reading about these motors losing oil pressure to certain rod and main bearings and cooking them, so I want to keep the best stuff in there I can. Here are the results, also had 3.5 ounces of Lube Control in there.

Miles on Unit 32365

Miles on Oil 186

Cu 2

Fe 8

Ni 0

Cr 0

Ti 0

V 0

Ag 0

Pb 0

Sn 0

Al 2

Si 2

Na 3

K 1

Mo 5

B 5

Ba 0

Ca 3088

Mg 29

Mn 0

P 1158

Sb 0

Zn 1264


Sulf 14

Oxid 63

Nitr 17

Visc@100C 13.8

Ferrous Debris 13

Anti Neg

Fuel Neg

Water Neg

nicrfe1370, no need to have been nervous about an excellant HDEO as Shell Rotella 15-40. I used it always in my old 97 ZX-11 and have sence used it in all my bikes including a 03 and 04 ZZR until they had 2K miles and then used Syn Rotella 5-40. Good additive package in the diesel oils.

Originally posted by fastbear:
Forgot to mention a problem with I think the #3 rod bearing is oil starvation from prolonged wheelies.

I guess, for now , I'm reasonably safe from that. But only because I yet don't know how to wheelie.
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