Shell oils in the USA

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Sep 11, 2002
I read here on this forum where the Formula Shell found in Florida is a different formulation than what would be found in New York. Why is this ?
Not that I use the oil or really care but it seems odd to me .
Is this what will happen to Pennzoil now Shell owns that company ? I do not use that oil either but again still an interesting thought and possibility .
Yep that was said. And Bush was not going to raise taxes either.

I am not in the oil businss but think Dutch Shell will crunch the numbers as they see fit.

Pops,I have heard the same about the different Shell oils ,,,I have no answer for you other than money is probably involved as in profit money.

If reading between the lines works in various reads of reports,,, what I have read will eventually lead to Pennzoil not having any control over what goes into those yellow bottles without regard to what the various loyalist wants or would prefer,,they have put 1200 or so U.S. Workers without a job and closed or are closing other plants. Who knows how many more will lose their jobs? All this is just my opinion and personal observations
Pops: Back when Shell merged with Texaco I had heard the same thing. I am told now that the Formula Shell product line is the same coast to coast now. I know for sure that the Pennzoil and Quaker State brands are the same coast to coast. I believe the 1,200 employees without a job was the speculation when this whole thing started. I believe the count right now is more like 300 employees, and believe me, they received an excellent package. I wish they had offered me one. And, when they start to close some plants, the employees will be offered a chance to relocate, if they do not want to relocate, they will also get a nice package. So everything is not doom and gloom. Everytime there is a merger, people are relocated or given packages. Even with the CONOCO/Phillips merger. I personallhy know 20 of their former employees that got packages. Same thing happened when Exxon/Mobil merged.
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